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Chumbology: A Chumbawamba Anthology Podcast

Nat Zombie & MC Spyder

In 1997, the song "Tubthumping" was everywhere: bars, soccer stadiums, movies, and TV shows. The song, with its chant-along chorus ("I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down!") was rousing, and it was easy to understand why it was such a hit. The oddly named band behind the hit, Chumbawamba, seemed to come from nowhere with this incredibly catchy little tune. But then, as did so many bands from the 90s, they seemed to disappear as quickly as they'd come.But there's a lot more to Chumbawamba than just one song. Across dozens of studio albums, EPs, cassettes, and other releases, the band proved themselves to be one of the most prolific anarcho-punk bands of the 80s through the 2010s. Their discography features a wealth of great songs, across many genres, that confront social and political issues that still affect us today.Join Teddy & Natalie, your resident Chumbologists, as we dig song by song, album by album, through one of the most overlooked bands of all time. It's Chumbology, baby.